GEOVIA Outcome-Based Services




The challenge 

Are you looking to transform mining operational performance? Do you have a staff shortage with mining expertise? We assist clients globally in over 140 countries; solve the complex mining industry challenges by transforming them into business outcomes. 

Our approach 

Our unique approach as mining consultants with our clients focusses on a desired business outcome first. We partner with our clients to understand their challenges and pain points and work together to identify a solution based on industry best practices and utilizing our leading technology for enablement. We take accountability for our client’s desired business goals to ensure we achieve all respective milestones and outcomes. 

Strategic Mine Planning – outcome-based service

“We had great organic opportunities in our portfolio and we really wanted to accelerate this, so what excited me about SMP was the ability for us to use the technology to leverage this and come up with a robust mine design, to test the envelopes, to create those hills of value, to see multiple hills, test multiple scenarios and this was fantastic for us because it gave us the opportunity to really stress some of these deposits to bring forward the value.”

Strategic Mine Planning for Open Pit allows you to plan your operations with confidence, applying business strategy, and maximizing net present value by simulating thousands of economic scenarios to strategize its long-term viability. Watch Webinar and learn more about Strategic Mine Planning.

Watch Webinar and learn more about Strategic Mine Planning. 

Getting started 

Speak to one of our mining experts to chat about how outcome based services can work for your organization: