GEOVIA Blend Optimizer

Blend your way to a higher NPV

Optimize blend considering the schedule and existing stockpiles to ensure these are optimized at the same time, driven by the overall objective of maximizing the Net Present Value (NPV) of the whole operation.

  • Blend optimization based on Whittle schedules or imported schedule
  • Bulk blend scenario analysis considering multiple products with different specifications, prices, blending costs and blending limits
  • Handle multiple coal specifications and constraints such as minimum BTU, max ash and sulphur
  • Perform extractive blend factoring in blending costs and constraints, such as process recovery, prices and selling costs while limits are applied to the extractive process
  • Handle multiple stockpiles, different cut-offs, time dependant recoveries, initial size and grade while utilizing Whittles scheduling engine to determine the optimal blend strategy

*Prerequisites: GEOVIA Pushback Optimizer