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Communities are a place for GEOVIA mining professionals - from beginners to experts and everyone in between - to get answers to your questions, learn from each other, and network.  

Read about mining industry topics from GEOVIA experts, be the first to know about new product releases and product tips and tricks, and share information and questions with your peers. 

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This is the place where all mining professionals are welcome to learn, engage, discover and share knowledge to shape the sustainable future of mining. Learn from mining consultants and executives how technology and people can contribute to a more sustainable, efficient, safe and resilient future

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Steps to access communities

1. Visit the GEOVIA User Community and the Sustainable Mining Network

2. Create a free 3DS Passport account

3. Log in with your username and password

4. Save this link to your browser

5. Add the community to your “favorite communities” tab within the platform 


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