GEOVIA Champions Program

The GEOVIA Champions Program rewards and recognizes our most influential users who play a large role in the GEOVIA community by sharing their passion and expertise. Champions enrich the GEOVIA community by being inspiring leaders and providing guidance to their peers. Together, let’s transform GEOVIA into an innovative platform for our users.

Raoul Jacquand GEOVIA CEO


As a Champion, you play a large role in the GEOVIA community by sharing your expertise and guidance. You are keen to master our software as you use it on a regular basis to maintain a smooth operation in your workplace. You value the services that we provide and will often speak proactively and positively about GEOVIA to your peers. Lastly, you are driven to impact the GEOVIA community by actively participating in the discussion board and attending our user events.

We, at GEOVIA, believe that you deserve to be recognized for the passion and expertise that you contribute to the user community.

That’s why we invite you to showcase your story to inspire the GEOVIA community.

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Be Recognized

Enhance your professional reputation by showcasing your Champion status.

  • GEOVIA Champions e-Badge
  • Champions welcome kit
  • Features on public platforms

Exclusive Access and Expertise

Get insider tips and the chance to participate in hands-on activities with our team to improve GEOVIA products for you.

  • Become a member of the Product Steering Committee
  • Participate in a beta testing
  • Time with a GEOVIA product expert
  • Receive exclusive GEOVIA news

Networking Opportunities

Have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and increase your visibility. Share your ideas and start a discussion.

  • Present at GEOVIA events
  • Receive event perks
  • Invitations to Champions-only events and community groups

Start now to begin your journey as a Champion!