ENOVIA Synchronicity

Leading semiconductor design companies trust ENOVIA Synchronicity for collaborative IC design data management. It enables you to produce high-quality products in an innovative, scalable and open design platform which reduces risks while improving efficiency.

Improving Global Efficiency

Since 1998, integrated circuit (IC) design teams have relied on ENOVIA Synchronicity, in particular ENOVIA Synchronicity DesignSync,to help manage the hardware and software data in their products. Today, over 120 development organizations, including 13 of the top 15 semiconductor companies, take advantage of ENOVIA Synchronicity to boost design productivity. ENOVIA Synchronicity was designed specifically for Design Data Management (DDM) of complex IC design, and continues to evolve as challenges facing the semiconductor industry evolve as well.


Designing an IC often requires integrating a multitude of datasets contributed by multiple design teams, which is managed by an integration team. While individual teams are focused on the details of the design data, the integration team needs to be able to manipulate data sets at a higher level of abstraction. This is a daunting task as individual design teams are often using independent and unconnected DDM systems. While the various Software Configuration Management (SCM) and DDM tools in use by the individual design teams may satisfy local requirements, design data management breaks down at the integration level. ENOVIA Synchronicity can help you adress these challenges.

ENOVIA Synchronicity Products: