ENOVIA V5-6R2017

ENOVIA VPLM helps companies take more innovative products to market faster by providing scalable Virtual Product Lifecycle Management of complex Products

ENOVIA VPLM V5 Enhancements

Ultra-fast product development, improved large data management, better performance and response times – the strengths ENOVIA® V5-6R2017 enhancements bring to VPLM.

  • Upgrade from V5-6R2016 to V5-6R2017 is seamless with no metadata model change.
  • Reinforces the customer choice of ENOVIA V5 VPM and protects the investment by providing up-to-date operating systems and middleware support.
  • Enhance ENOVIA VPM Navigator functional scope by filling gaps with ENOVIA V5 VPM Classical editor on different areas :
    • Configuration Management: create and manage configuration filter handler directly from ENOVIA VPM Navigator to streamline the configuration management in design process.
    • Lifecycle Management: add comments to any object when performing lifecycle operations in ENOVIA VPM Navigator for a better traceability on change maturity operations.
  • Overall ENOVIA V5 VPM application usability and ergonomics have been further improved, enabling users to maximize their productivity when using ENOVIA solutions; examples include the ability for ENOVIA VPM Navigator users to open or explore, simultaneously, multiple instances linked to an Action.
  • Collaboration with the extended enterprise and supply chain is strengthened  with new tools delivered to check and repair data for production and to prepare and analyze data before migration.
  • Transition to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from ENOVIA V5 VPM is continually improved with the management of the traceability of all the V5 objects created/modified and not yet migrated to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • ENOVIA V5 DMU MULTICAx Converter solutions provide up-to-date X-CAD releases support.

ENOVIAvpm 1.10 Enhancements

This new release of ENOVIAvpm solutions reinforces the customer choice of ENOVIAvpm and protects the investment by providing up-to-date operating systems and middleware support.

  • Upgrade from ENOVIAvpm 1.9 to ENOVIAvpm 1.10 is seamless with no metadata model change.
  • Interact directly with ENOVIAvpm through desktop application on Microsoft Windows operating system (capability introduced with ENOVIAvpm 1.8)
  • Provides engineering teams with a scalable online environment for product design management and review. (introduced with ENOVIAvpm 1.9)


ENOVIA SmarTeam is the solution for robust, flexible, out-of-the-box collaborative product lifecycle management), ideal for engineering departments and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  • This new release of ENOVIA SmarTeam solutions reinforces the customer choice of ENOVIA SmarTeam and protects the investment by providing up-to-date operating systems, middleware support and CAD new releases support
  • Enhance ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor web client functional scope by filling gaps with ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor desktop client on different areas:
    • Define which viewer is used by default to visualize a particular file type
    • Filter and customize the search results
    • Activate the Quick Search commands directly after login
  • User Experience for X-CAD integrations has been optimized for greater productivity; examples include the ability to:
    • Show recently opened documents in ‘Open from SmarTeam’ dialog.
    • Refresh the session with the latest modifications committed in database (reload latest)
  • MS Office integration with ENOVIA SmarTeam is simplified with the immersive SmarTeam ribbon menu available directly in MS Word & MS Excel.



ENOVIA V5 Portfolio

The ENOVIA V5 portfolio consists of ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SMARTEAM — each compatible with ENOVIA V6.


ENOVIA VPLM addresses companies dealing with highly complex products, resources and manufacturing processes. It mainly targets medium and large extended enterprises.


ENOVIA SMARTEAM delivers collaborative Product Data Management (PDM) solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, engineering departments of larger organizations, and across the supply chain.

ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SMARTEAM can be used in conjunction with ENOVIA V6 for best-in-class collaborative product development business processes for enterprises across a wide range of industries. See V6 portfolio for more details.