ENOVIA enables you to plan your definition of success

ENOVIA opens a new range of opportunities for you to successfully deliver transformational product and business innovations that create magical experiences for your customers.

The 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA Portfolio has over 50 roles across Intelligent Business & Modeling Planning, Intelligent Product Configurations and Quality and Compliance Management capabilities.

ENOVIA provides mid-sized organizations product lifecycle management (PLM) and business applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to address business, product, and process complexity challenges and help them achieve success.  Learn more.

Explore other ENOVIA Products

SmarTeam is a product data management (PDM) application for engineering departments and small to medium sized companies.   SmarTeam is for those with a need for design data management and have less-complex products and product lines that require single-discipline or single-site collaboration.  Learn more.

ENOVIA V5 VPLM is a legacy application for existing ENOVIA customers.  The application offers a comprehensive, streamlined approach to managing the creation and maturation of the virtual product definition. Learn more.