ENOVIA enables you to plan your definition of success


3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA enables you to plan your definition of success with a broad portfolio of technical and business applications for all users across your enterprise. With ENOVIA, teams collaborate and innovate together to build and execute a successful plan -- one that is flexible, allowing continuous optimization, real-time progress tracking and compliance with industry standards and regulations

ENOVIA provides users across 11 industries a single, secure and up-to-date source of the product definition accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.  

For product development, ENOVIA includes a comprehensive and robust set of capabilities, including product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM), change management, configuration management, product design review, IP protection and reuse, product definition and release management (BOM management), quality management and compliance management. From ideation to delivery, ENOVIA’s roles and apps support digital continuity, ensuring a holistic product definition by including everyone in the value network in the development process.

To protect and leverage existing investments, ENOVIA connects file-based CAD applications to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS and 3rd-party mechanical and electrical design applications, allowing users access to ENOVIA capabilities from within their design environment and to readily share design data across the value network. The design data is seamlessly revealed in web-based apps for review and inclusion in the product definition.

For business function leaders, ENOVIA connects you and your team to the product development pipeline to effectively identify market opportunities and develop innovative products, services and business experiences. Business applications include collaborative business and industry innovation, product portfolio management, requirements management and project management, allowing stakeholders to easily contribute to the common plan in alignment with corporate strategy and standards and to optimize plans in real-time.

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Other ENOVIA Products

SmarTeam is a product data management (PDM) application for engineering departments and small to medium sized companies.   SmarTeam is for those with a need for design data management and have less-complex products and product lines that require single-discipline or single-site collaboration.  Learn more.

ENOVIA V5 VPLM is a legacy application for existing ENOVIA customers.  The application offers a comprehensive, streamlined approach to managing the creation and maturation of the virtual product definition. Learn more.