GT - Imagine and Shape


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling

Product Overview

With Digital Project Imagine & Shape, designers can quickly and intuitively transform a shape idea into a 3D geometric model. Dedicated to aesthetic shape creation for conceptual design, Digital Project Imagine & Shape introduces new approaches to surface modeling. Digital Project Imagine & Shape combines powerful technology based on subdivision surfaces with simple tools that make it easy for non-surface specialists to design and innovate. Designers use Digital Project Imagine & Shape for quick surface creation, rapid prototyping, idea expression, and simulations.

Customer Benefits

  • More alternative design studies.
  • Designers often create physical mock-ups of projects to view and analyze different design shapes and obtain approval. Physical models are time consuming and limit the number of designs for consideration. Using Digital Project Imagine & Shape, designers can quickly create many different digital design shapes for review and evaluation.
  • Greater Innovation.