FCM - Fast Concept Modeler


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : DMN V5, EST V5, FMD V5, FMS V5, GAS V5, GPS V5, HD2 V5, KWA V5, PKT V5, SPA V5

Product Overview

FCM is a unique solution that is already being used by major automotive OEMs and other customers. The concept tool supports the simple, rapid development of parametric geometrical models, going beyond the options provided by native CATIA parametrics, and controls the automatic definition of boundary and load conditions, assignment of attributes, networking, calculation and optimization in the loop. This means that companies can dispense with the laborious manual conditioning of CATIA models for computer simulation and speed up the entire development process significantly. FCM is an open system that uses readily available CAE software for the optimization loop and can be incorporated in an existing CAx environment with no special requirements

Customer Benefits

Fast Concept Modelling (FCM) helps enterprises move considerably faster from the initial product idea to a validated vehicle concept and achieve a seamless transition to series development. It provides users with comprehensive support during the rapid design, verification and integrated validation of the functionality and production suitability of chassis and shape variants.

  • Fast, parametric engineering design
  • Optimum implementation of styling specifications or concepts
  • Possibility of performing early analyses (costs, rigidity values, package/layout/sections)
  • Automated creation of alternatives and validation of the alternatives
  • Shared CAD/CAE/CAS data stock