pe4 OrCAD Connector to 3DEXPERIENCE

by : EXPI

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : CNV V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

The pe4 OrCAD Connector for ENOVIA provides Cadence OrCAD users with an effective and lean integration of their CAD Software  with ENOVIA.

The connector can lead the engineer through a defined design process and supports him at his daily work in terms of e.g. design control, documentation and archiving, Bill of Material creation etc. The connector ensures central, company-wide availability of all ECAD documentation via ENOVIA V6 – thereby supporting unlimited collaboration between different departments and locations.

The pe4 OrCAD Connector will provide:

  • The management of innovation data like schematics and layout in well defined ENOVIA processes
  • The creation and magement of Derived Output data for supporting the fabrication and manufacturing process
  • The creation of Bill of Materials directly from the CAD interface
  • Mechanical collaboration through ENOVIA processes
  • Support for Engineering processes available in ENOVIA like Change Requests, ECO 

Customer Benefits

  • Manage the schematic and layout innovation data together with additional non-innovation, manufacturing and fabrication  data in ENOVIA

  • Access design data managed in ENOVIA directly through the CAD Tool

  • Manage the Bill of Materials in ENOVIA directly through the CAD interface

  • Support for Collaboration between electronics and mechanical/software through industry standard exchange formats

  • Sharing design intent with other designers and stakeholders early in the design process

  • pe4 integrations share the same look and feel across all supported ECAD integrations