Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Anatole 3D is a Computer Aided Tolerancing software.

  • Increased popularity of statistical process control – in combination with Tolerancing, it helps reduce/eliminate inspection steps.
  • Component Assembly commands a significant fraction of costs in industries like Aerospace, Automotive, etc. – Tolerance analysis can have significant cost impact
  • Manual tolerance analysis, impact analysis is time consuming, and in-efficient
  • Computer Aided Tolerancing enable Robust tolerance analysis in shorter period of time
  • In depth tolerance analysis and decision support helps improve product quality and drastically reduce time to market


Customer Benefits

To allow for Early design principles validation with Kinematic  Tolerancing and Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze tolerances and assembly order much earlier in the development, prior to the validation of the build process

Enable robust design about geometrical uncertainties with worst case and advanced statistical computations

Assemble right the first time with assembly simulations like sequence analysis, variation analysis and over-constraint resolution.

  • Provide high ease of use and complete integration in CATIA
  • Provide fast computing with statistical models
  • Allow fast computations as soon as the design is changed by synchronising with the DMU