aesthetica - CATIA V5 Interface Module


Engineering Domain : Product Synthesis
Prerequisites : FTA V5, MD2 V5, RTR V5

Product Overview

Aesthetica is a unique software solution that enables manufacturing companies to gain significant benefit from visualising the impact of product variation on the Perceived Quality of their products. Perceived quality is the impression of quality that a customer gets when they first encounter a new product. Achieving a high level of perceived quality with excellent fit and finish has become a critical differentiator for consumers in today's competitive global market. Aesthetica is extensively used during the design and development of products. It simulates all tolerance conditions, including form variation and deformation, changing the shape of the parts and assemblies. This process starts in Concept Design with targets and virtual locator schemes and drives PQ requirements all the way through Engineering to Production.

Customer Benefits

Aesthetica accurately simulates variation on product assemblies and presents the results visually in real life environments, including reflections and shadows, significantly improving build quality and PQ results. It allows CATIA V5 users to collaborate as cross functional teams to identify and correct critical design, engineering and production issues, set priorities and resolve conflicts, during the early product development stages. Aesthetica reduces the need for re-tooling, saving time/cost while reducing the number of physical prototypes required during all development phases.