3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler (CM) for V6


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design

Product Overview

3CS FEA Compliant Modeler (CM) for V6 empowers the user to incorporate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) into Dimensional Analysis. 3DCS CM for V6 adds the ability to apply FEA Mesh to parts and features that link material properties to node points. When analyzing process variation, the software deforms the part geometry based on process and force input from assembly processes such as welding, clamping, bending, bolting and more.

As part of a 3DCS Variation Analyst simulation, 3DCS CM for V6 adds another level of realism, and increases the accuracy of analysis results when working with compliant and flexible assemblies rather than rigid body components. This becomes especially useful when working with aluminum and other flexible materials commonplace in the aerospace and automotive industries. 

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Deform the geometry of parts, and see the 3 dimensional impact on the full assembly.
  • Render photo-realistic deformation to view the effects of process on perceived quality.
  • Incorporate part deformation resulting from clamping, welding, fastening, gravity, force application and spring-back.
  • Leverage existing FEM/FEA models to accurately reflect deformable parts.