Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, NCG V5, PMG V5, TG1 V5

Product Overview

MWF-Bore is a comfortable database-driven bore generator for CATIA V5 which is optimised for use in mold construction and tool design. It is fully integrated in the Part Design workbench with an CATIA-like user interface.

MWF-Bore allows users to define complex multi-step holes including all manufacturing information (threads, tolerances, chamfers, grooves). This information is saved in the CATPart and can be transferred to the CAx process chain (e. g. CAM systems).

The copy function is an important functionality of MWF-Bore: Standard parts are prepared one time with the necessary holes (cutout geometry). Every time the standard part is used in a design the holes can easily be copied (including all manufacturing information) from the standard part to the design.

Customer Benefits

  • Standardisation by inter-departmental equipping of standard parts
  • All parameters (e. g. diameters, depths, tolerances, threads) and complete holes will be saved centrally in a company database
  • Tolerance specification without supplemental licences
  • Copying MWF holes (e. g. from standard parts) including any processing information
  • Reducing time expenditure and possibility of errors in the NC programming by using the features in the CAM system