HIM (Human Integrated Manufacturing)

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Product Synthesis
Prerequisites : CTP V5, HBR V5, MD2 V5, XEP V5

Product Overview

HIM, Human Integrated Manufacturing, is a fully immersive virtual reality tool allowing engineers to easily explore the digital mock-up in a scale 1 stereoscopic visualization and to experiment with a tracked manikin. HIM can be used throughout the design process: from the initial design review where it helps to get an understanding of the spaces and proportions, to the validation of the assembly, disassembly and maintenance processes, the validation of the global product ergonomics, and even up to the training of operators. It allows a full body motion capture incorporating collision detection, interaction with the environment (kinematic and real physical behavior) measurement tools and visual ergonomics. This application also includes real time ergonomic validation via an interactive virtual human to understand accessibility, comfort envelopes, effort required, fields of view and illumination. Designed initially for the aerospace industry, HIM is used in production by several industry leaders (Eurocopter, Astrium, Airbus). HIM has been designed to empower the engineers and designers and is closely integrated with CATIA V5 to facilitate the integration in the industrial work processes.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces the need for real prototypes
  • Reduces design errors and speeds process because integrated in the industrial process (CATIA V5)
  • Enables training on dangerous / non-available systems
  • Direct and easy experimentations on the digital mock-up : tracking and 1:1 scale