SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Optical Shape Design

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

SPEOS CAA V5 Based Optical Shape Design (OSD) completes SPEOS simulation & analysis product line (Light Modeling & Visual Ergonomics) with geometrical modeling capabilities dedicated to optical system design. SPEOS OSD provides functionalities to automatically create complex geometries from optical specifications, it drastically increases designers productivity by automating optical design having many repeated optical elements and offers innovating surface types not available within CATIA V5 standards capabilities. It differs by its full integration in the PLM avoiding file transfer generating loss of accuracy and waste of time, facilitating exchange between customer-supplier or style-engineering-manufacturing departments and allowing engineers to easily evaluate the influence of trimming and manufacturing (drafting, milling) on optical performances It addresses both non optical specialists typically in conceptual style design and feasibility study phases and optical experts during final product development phase.

Customer Benefits

  • Provides unique solution for lighting systems design within PLM
  • Facilitates communication between customer & supplier up to design freeze
  • Increases optical designers productivity and shortens engineering development
  • Widens lighting concepts investigation spread; Usable by non optical expert