SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Architecture Lighting

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, PH1 V5

Product Overview

This simulation software is based on a 20 years development program in optical simulation for industry and research and is now available for architects. Its unique technology is based on a spectral simulation algorithm which will ensure that the exact energy information and color is always obtained. This solution will allow the user to : - perfectly visualize light effects thanks to a unique light renderer technology - maximize natural light inside a building including sunlight systems - optimize artificial lighting including LED sources reducing energy consumption - optimize solar cell location and orientation to maximize energy generation - visualize and analyse your virtual building under our virtual sky and sun - evaluate sun reflection and shadows due to the building material and shape - evaluate thermal effects due to infrared light SPEOS Architecture Lighting comes with a library of light source, material, Virtual Sky and international standards in lighting.

Customer Benefits

  • Integrates illumination studies and solar energy studies in Product Lifecycle Management
  • Allows to measure light level in the virtual mockup and fit regulations
  • Fast process - Replace expensive mock-up and measurements for illumination studies
  • Help creating green building with a better use of natural light and more efficient artificial lighting