SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Windshield Analysis

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, RT1 V5

Product Overview

SPEOS CAA V5 Based Windshield Analysis allows CATIA V5 users to test the compliance of a windshield with ECE R43 and SAE Z26 regulations. It enables the simulation of typical experiments, such as sighting target reflection and transmission, even Moire Calculation is available. Moreover it provides optical parameters such as deviation, distortion, refractive power to characterize a given windshield, it also allows users to generate the distortion of an image or a video to find out what the effect of the curvature of the windshield shape will be. SPEOS CAA V5 Based ' Windshield Analysis provides windshield manufacturers a powerful engineering tool to improve their development process, to speed up their reactivity and to enhance their support to their customers. SPEOS CAA V5 Based ' Windshield Analysis gives car manufacturers a validation tool that can be used at all the stages of the design process saving effort on invalid designs, evaluating the impacts of modification and giving them independence from their suppliers.

Customer Benefits

  • Unique tools for windshield analysis
  • Provide very innovative features
  • Useful for both design and style, both windshield manufacturers and car makers
  • Based on industry-proven, physics-based SPEOS technology
  • Highly technical and yet very easy to use