SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Light Modeling

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, RT1 V5

Product Overview

Allows CATIA V5 customers to simulate all the photometric and colorimetric characteristics of the light on products of any size, from electronic goods to white goods, cars and aircraft. SPEOS Light Modeling will provide all pertinent information about the light such as quantity, propagation, distribution in 3D space, color, as well as compliance with standards and specification. Together with CATIA V5, SPEOS Light Modeling will bring high added value to design departments specialized in vehicle lighting, white goods, dashboards, electronics systems, GPS, LCD displays, Hi-Fi, mobile phones... by enabling them to optimise their product and meet photometric and colorimetric specifications.

Customer Benefits

  • First software to integrate optics in Product Lifecycle Management
  • Allows CATIA V5 users to master light throughout design process
  • Fast photometric and colorimetric virtual measurement and analysis
  • Based on industry-proven, physics-based SPEOS technology
  • Fast learning curve