PROSTEP V6 xPDM SimManager Adapter


Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : PCS V6, PDA V6

Product Overview

The PROSTEP V6 XPDM SimManager Adapter is based on Dassault Systèmes’ V6 XPDM data exchange framework that connects V6 with SimManager in order to synchronize data between both systems bi-directionally. The scope involved is the transfer of simulation results and product structures, including files.

This product also allows updates to be performed in the backend systems using a controlled transaction management procedure to ensure data integrity. This includes locking, check-in/out, ownership transfer, versioning and transaction management. Process reliability and flexibility is ensured by the underlying PROSTEP OpenPDM technology.

The integration support several use cases such as:

  • Product structure synchronization
    CAD design is performed in V6 and transferred to SimManager for analysis and simulation.

  • Simulation result synchronization
    Analysis and simulation are performed in SimManager and the result and report documents are sent back to V6

Customer Benefits

  • The solution allows the integration of V6 and SimManager using tried-and-tested standard software.

  • The use of standard interfaces and separate business logic makes the solution more independent of system upgrades and reduces the amount of effort involved.

  • Typical use cases are already covered "out of the box", and projects can be planned more reliably.

  • The pre-configured product software reduces ramp-up times.

  • Benefit from PROSTEP’s experience with integration and migration as well as from PROSTEP’s partnerships with Dassault and MSC Software