CDVi (CATIA Driver for Visualization and Interaction)


Engineering Domain : Immersive Virtuality
Prerequisites : AP2 V5, DM2 V5, MNV V5

Product Overview

CDVI (Catia Drivers for Visualization and Interaction) is a set of software drivers for virtual reality devices to be enabled in Catia V5. CDVI brings motion tracking, virtual input technologies such as wands, gloves and the ability to use multi-planar displays, such as the walk-in CAVE, to V5 applications running on any computing platform.

Customer Benefits

  • Working with native Catia data in immersive environments; no time/data lost porting to viewers
  • Greater insight for improved collaboration and decision making
  • Multi-planar displays allow complete immersion in models (eg. sitting in 1:1 scale car model)
  • More natural and intuitive interaction with data