Type3 Gateway CAAV5 Based


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Vision numeric has developed on V5 architecture the bridge between CATIA V5 and Type3. It will first allow to copy and paste data from Type3 to CATIA V5 and vice versa, and then be completely integrated into CATIA V5. Parts can be enhanced with text and decorations, that can be projected and mapped around any surface. Logo retrieving and part identification with symbols and logo will help CATIA V5 users to save time by doing all necessary detail enhancement with Type3 and copying them back to CATIA V5. Through this copy/paste solution, users can smoothly and securely enjoy the best of both solutions, CATIA V5 and Type3.

Customer Benefits

  • Unique & new powerful typographic and artistic 2D and 3D composition tools to enrich industrial parts.
  • Option to plug-in scanners and enlarging design possibilities (logo, image or model retrieving).
  • Import of various formats, including graphical ones.
  • Unique 3D Texture Creation for Part enhancement.
  • Immediate productivity gains.