SE Technology, Inc. (SET) was established to provide systems engineering services and product development methodologies based on systems approaches in...

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Company address: #1711 (ACE GASAN TOWER) 121, DIGITAL-RO, GEUMCHON-GU 08505 SEOUL 11, KOR


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SE Technology, Inc. (SET) was established to provide systems engineering services and product development methodologies based on systems approaches in 2000.

SET’s major service areas are in defining Operational and System Requirements and generating System Concepts and the associated artifacts for the system design phases developing Architecture products by performing Requirements Analysis and Operations Analysis. SET also provides Requirements Management tasks using MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) methodologies, Functional Analysis Capabilities, as well as professional system design skills. Especially, SET has been well recognized in Defense industry for its effective development of Warfighting and Wargame Architectures utilizing clear definitions of user requirements and operational structures unique in SE approaches.

Furthermore, by augmenting specialized methodologies of automotive development, SET endeavors to utilize and to spread Systems Engineering techniques in practical applications. General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and automotive industry in Europe are well recognized in the application of Systems Engineering in their conceptual design tasks and functional interface analysis. From the perspectives of Systems Engineering, automotive parts manufacturing process known as a particular case of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), is just a typical middle phase of the Advanced Development phase from the stand point of system engineering lifecycle processes. In other words, Systems Engineering provides you wider perspective of the entire development processes as well as clear picture of development activities when performing the sequenced development tasks.

SET, as an outstanding Systems Engineering Service Company in the country, performs training, consulting and R&D services in Systems Engineering,  

We welcome you to bring and discuss your concerns and needs in engineering, especially, the subject of system development technology!

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Pursue an excellence in systems engineering implementation capability and expertise to become the world-class leader and to grow not only in the domestic market as well as in the world market to be recognized as one of the systems engineering specialized enterprise.


Our mission is to develop world-recognized systems engineering philosophy, processes, methodologies and tools and to provide:
– customers with genuine value of SE through offering system architecting and SE technical services,
– training services to improve system architecting skills and MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) capabilities, and
– project success enhancing work completeness, automation, and efficiency as a supplier of system architecting and SE specialized tools (SW). 


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