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Sooreal GmbH is a company that solves problems in the design and construction phase of architectural projects. Following the slogan "Programming Architecture", the company developes custom solutions for the handling of complex geometries, optimization of their form or their structure and eventually automation of the production of those elements (facade, structure, etc..).  "A house is a machine for living" Le Corbusier said, and the company approaches the design as a machine should be approached - with the proper software and a set of tools able to generate extremely precise elements, insure completely automated prefabrication and enable easier communication and cooperation between parties involved in the project.

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Our goal is to transform the building industry, bringing it to a new level of automation that insures faster, cheaper and more sustainable designs, at the same time increasing the quality of the buildings through prefabrication, i.e. increased precision and reduction of errors at the construction site.  This kind of progress is usually achieved through a) development of new materials, b) development of new machines and c)  development of appropriate software. By using, developing and promoting the right software, like the ones from the Dassault Systems palette, we can easily utilize new machines and new materials on the market to achieve our goal.

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