Eurointech Ltd. is a supplier of equipment, materials and EDA software for microelectronic industry in Russia. Foundation: 2007 year. Location: Lyubertsy,...

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Company name: EUROINTECH LTD

Company address: OFFICE 016 26 YUBILEINAYA STR 140011 LYUBERTSY , RUS


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Eurointech Ltd. is a supplier of equipment, materials and EDA software for microelectronic industry in Russia.  Foundation: 2007 year. Location: Lyubertsy, Moscow region. The basic principle: we offer only the best products from leading manufactures.

Компания OOO «Евроинтех» является коммерческой организацией с широкими внешнеэкономическими связями и специализируется на поставке технологического оборудования для производства электроники, материалов СВЧ, а также программного обеспечения (САПР) для проектирования и моделирования печатных плат и электронных устройств.

Phone +7-495-749-45-78



Partner Highlights

We offer only that  what we would prefer to operate!
We make emphasis on excellent service, that results in increased customer base, customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.
Today we have a lot of customers throughout Russia: many universities, research institutes and factories.
Government companies as well as private business collaborate with us.


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