EyeGene Inc. is clinical stage proteomics & bio-pharmaceutical venture based in South Korea dedicated to developing therapeutics, diagnostics, and...

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Company name: EYEGENE INC


Website: http://www.eyegene.co.kr

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EyeGene Inc. is clinical stage proteomics & bio-pharmaceutical venture based in South Korea dedicated to developing therapeutics, diagnostics, and technologies in eye-related diseases & vaccines.  Since incorporation in 2000, we have focused on the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics for eye-related diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).  In this respect, we currently have a First in Class novel candidate for Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in European Phase 2a clinical trials. Diabetic Retinopathy market is projected to undergo rapid expansion from a ~$500mn (2012) to $3.8bn in 2024 (CAGR 18%).  In addition, we have a pool of vaccines under development with our novel proprietary immune adjuvant, of which our HPV vaccine is currently in clinical trials.   

EyeGene has more than 40 issued and 60 pending patents globally including US, EU, Japan and China. EyeGene has secured comprehensive intellectual property for EGT022 and vaccine technologies.                   

EyeGene Inc. has been interested in improving systematic drug development process by utilizing the know-how gained from the researches.  As a result, we invested in Aspens in 2016, which stands out in the IT solution business including Bio informatics business. In the future, EyeGene Inc. expect to be able to achieve results in the Bio informatics business by utilizing the strengths of Aspens in the field of IT business.

Partner Highlights

EyeGene has developed biopharmaceuticals such as diabetic retinopathy, pressure ulcer treatment, and cervical cancer vaccine. We also have experience in domestic and overseas commercialization of new bio drug technologies, so we have a lot of practical experience in pharmaceutical bio industry. The biggest advantage of EyeGene in carrying out the Bio informatics business is that we have excellent researchers and experts in QA and QC fields, so that we have a rich workforce to support the actual Dassault Systemes bio-system business. EyeGene has been in the biopharmaceutical business for 17 years, so we have close relationships with famous parmaceutical companies, national-private research institutes and general hospitals. In particular, we have a network of C-level executives of related parties.  

We also invested in Aspens, a company that has long experience in license business as a product of Dassault Systemes.
In recent years, we have concluded an advisory contract with experts such as Professor Kim Chang-gyeom for bioinformatics business. Through these relationships, we have increased our IT business capabilities in addition to EyeGene's knowledge of bio pharmaceutical business.


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