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InAutom Company was found in 1986 in Portugal.
The company InAutom Poland is on the market since 2014. 
 In order to support your business, we would like to present our offer. 
 We sill guide you to get best injection molding equipment. We offer sales and service of injection molding machines and peripherals. 
 Our offer includes:
• hydraulic injection molding machines:
◦ Euro Inj clamping force from 65 tons to 2,055 tons,
◦ Tederic clamping force from 45 tons to 7,000 tons,

• electric injection molding machines:                         
◦ Toyo clamping force from 50 tons to 950 tons,
◦ Tederic with clamping force from 50 tons to 450 tons,

• peripherals:                                                   
◦ hair applied directly to the unit, freestanding, built on the principle patch honey, 
◦ water heaters, water-oil and oil
◦ Water chillers with water cooled and air-cooled water
◦ Works Mastermatik
◦ conveyors,
◦ volumetric and gravimetric feeders
◦ plastic trays
◦ Standard mills, slow, slow speed, average speed, and grinders very heavy

            Many years of experience the business owner plastics processing industry, had a big influence on the appointment of direction. Based on these experiences set a goal, which was to create a viable and reliable partnership for action. Due to the large mobilization, perseverance and hard work and team staff we were able to create a company that is able to meet any task.                     
 Executive employees InAutom Poland Sp. zoo. He is experienced and qualified. There are counselors sales and service personnel. They work diligently and with commitment to the full satisfaction of our customers. 
 Thanks gained recommendations of many companies and institutions we know that our work is gaining greater recognition and is increasingly valued by customers. 
 We are constantly working towards achieving the best possible quality of service.
 We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We hope that it will please you, and we manage to meet all your needs, which translate into a fruitful cooperation.

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