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Strategix CFT is a global organization that provides integrated and market proven solutions as well as consulting and services in the areas of Category Management and Supply Chain Management. Strategix CFT relies on a deep subject matter expertise of technical and business process themes, as well as the required IT infrastructure. The organization has already assisted leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide to implement comprehensive environments supporting CM and SCM.                                                                       Strategix CFT has emerged from the consolidation between the German boutique consulting firm Strategix Enterprise Technology and the Chicago based IT service company CFT Inc. and  shows over 25 years of experience in CM and SCM. It employs over 250 people worldwide, with offices in Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Romania and the USA.                                                                                                                            The innovative concept P4Category Management from Strategix CFT adopts a holistic approach to CM:               “By means of our integrated product portfolio, we do not only optimize the famous four Ps of traditional Category Management, we even go a step further and combine them. This produces an interaction, creating unique synergies, as wells a homogenous and continuous business process.” (Jan Hanussek, CEO, Strategix).            Those looking for support in the areas of assortment optimization, space & category management, pricing and promotions, inventory optimization, demand management and replenishment should definitely talk to us!

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