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Phone : (001)866/386-9398
Fax : (001)250/386-9399
Web : http://www.mightyoaks.com/


Based in Victoria BC, Mighty Oaks is a customer service focused company that supports general Information Technology (IT) software and systems for business, the sciences, and non-profit organizations across Vancouver Island and North America.

Our clients are our long-term business partners. We work with our clients in engagements that have meaningful, long-term, and community oriented impact.

Mighty Oaks is an Information Technology (IT) services company operating with distinct qualified personnel in three divisions: Business IT Services, Business Consulting, and Custom Application Software Development.

At a high level, Mighty Oaks offers high-level service for business and non-profit organizations by employing seasoned partners (former successful one person companies) who work directly with their clients (we are all full-time employees).  We provide backup personnel for each client, and for all the work that we do.

We offer exceptionally high-levels of client satisfaction and qualified service by employing seasoned professionals, all former one-person service companies, operating within our peer-partnership, incorporated in early 2002.

Each of us has at least fifteen years of experience, manage client accounts, and serve as their clients’ primary service provider.   Some clients have been with their account manager for almost two decades.  We routinely perform our work as time and materials services in fifteen minute increments during business hours.

Our mission is to be the premiere information technology outsourcer with the long-term customer service focus for small to medium size organizations on Vancouver Island.  With our work, we view that we are making meaningful contributions to our community every day.

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Designed to be scalable across all Dassault Systèmes software, the 3DEXPERIENCE Distribution Program offers a global, flexible framework to support the growth of our distributors' businesses while providing key tools (sales, marketing, technical support and communication) to strengthen their PLM skills.