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Qingdao Topvane Industrial Technology was founded in  2013, before the company officially registered, we mainly provide manufacturing software services and business consulting. Involving 3DS Company CAD and CAE solutions, 3DEXPERIENCE platform will be the main direction of our future, Topvane have mature technical sales team is committed to the 3D EXPERIENCE platform marketing and maintenance, we believe tha we continued to follow the DS 3D experience innovation and exploration platforms, will bring more value to our manufacturing information technology development and improvement in China's Shandong the PLM information age.

青岛泰维成立于2003年,在正式注册之前一直是为制造业提供软件服务和咨询,涉及到达索公司的CAD和CAE解决,在未来业务中3DEXPERIENCE平台将会是我们主要方向。青岛泰维有专业的3DEXPERIENCE 销售团队和技术团队,我们相信泰维紧密追随DS3DEXPERIENCE不断创新和发展的解决方案,必然为山东制造业信息技术时代的进步和发展中的挑战带来巨大革新和价值。

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PLM is a kind of philosophy, namely the use of products from creation to, to product data information and eventually scrapped the whole life cycle management philosophy. Before the birth of the concept of PLM, PDM is mainly aimed at the data and process of the product development process management. In the PLM under the concept, the concept of PDM has been extended, become cPDM, namely PDM based on CO, can realize the R & D department, the relevant departments and enterprises, between enterprises of the product data collaboration applications. Software manufacturers introduced PLM software is the concept of PLM third levels. The software part covers the cPDM CIMDATA definition should be included in the function, not only for the product data in the process of development of management, but also includes the product data in the production, marketing, purchasing, service, repair and other departments