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Creative Connections was originally publishing company grounded in 1992 for publishing the "Byte" journal, first IT-focused journal in Czech Republic. In 1997 the founder closed the journal and returned to research and got his first grant

Since then, he returned to problems of physilogical systems and medical simulators. The company is since a spin-off for development of software technologies and medical simulators and is in close cooperation with

Originaly, we used MathWorks Matlab/Simulink, but since five years ago, we switched mainly to Modelica language for its simplicity of use.

Our best value is know-how of modeling and technology of developing large-scale physiological models. We are well known for these expertise and for experiennce with Modelica language.

Thanks to strong marketing, most of modeling industry are using conventional modeling tools. But example of our company which uses Modelica for Hummod model with over 5000 variables shows, that Modelica overcomes Matlab easily. We modified a course on Czech Technical University to teach Modelica and are participating on the teaching. Also, we organise yearly seminars about modeling in Modelica/Dymola and are preparing to organise regular trainings.

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