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CornerCube provides Lean Construction and Technology solutions and services for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry.  Our services include consulting, VDC/3D modeling, LPD/IPD implementation, integrated software technologies, production optimization, supply chain management, and other project related services.  We work with Owners, Facility Managers, Construction Managers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Subcontractors focusing on improving the delivery outcomes of capital programs and project experiences.


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Working with AEC Owner, EPCM, Architecture, Engineering, and Contractor firms, and their capital project team members, CornerCube improves work execution, risk management, and project oversight to achieve better program and project delivery outcomes. This is accomplished by increasing visibility, accountability, and integration of stakeholders throughout the delivery process. We do this through implementation of Lean Project Delivery methodologies, processes and tools that enable organizations and their supply chain to optimize the planning and control of work execution throughout the delivery life cycle (programming through start up). Our focus is to effectively guide and control how the work is planned and executed through a Lean Project Delivery Framework based on Governance, Value Management, and Delivery Management.

DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ 3DEXPERIENCE PLATFORM provides social AEC Solution Experiences supporting the next generation of Lean Project Delivery competencies and capabilities required by leading organizations.  Recognizing the uniqueness of all Programs and Projects (including those in the Shipbuilding and Aerospace and Defense industries), CornerCube assists our customers using team structures, and their implied social networks, in co-creating, configuring, deploying, and supporting a Lean Project Delivery Framework and DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ Industry Solution Experiences.  These Industry Experiences apply advanced production management knowledge, methodologies and technical solutions, specific to project environments based on Lean principles to continuously improve delivery process, product development, and supply chain execution to achieve optimal solutions to capital programs and projects.  DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ and CornerCube’s goal is to revolutionize the way we view, collaborate, integrate, synchronize and deliver programs and projects.

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 CornerCube Inc.

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 Mark Hauser, Vice President

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 Fernando Espana, President

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