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Psylotech enables realistic plastic & rubber simulation. Such viscoelastic materials are notoriously difficult to simulate, because their properties change...

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Company name: PSYLOTECH INC

Company address: 820 DAVIS ST STE 120 60201-4400 Evanston Cook IL, USA

Website: http://www.psylotech.com/

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Psylotech enables realistic plastic & rubber simulation.  Such viscoelastic materials are notoriously difficult to simulate, because their properties change with time, temperature and environment.  Psylotech’s provides contract test data and an Abaqus software add-on module.  We provide a streamlined path to leverage the power of reduced time models to simulate time, temperature, pressure, large strain, and rate effects on plastic, rubber, adhesives and composites. 



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Visca™ NLVE add-on module for Abaqus is an advanced nonlinear viscoelastic material definition for plastic & rubber simulation. The theoretical basis builds on decades of development in the technical literature. Akin to time-temperature superposition (TTS), this reduced time approach is essentially time-entropy superposition (TSS).At its core, the reduced time approach requires high quality experimental data. Psylotech provides contract testing services, leveraging proprietary instrumentation. We produce time and temperature dependent bulk and shear modulus and ultimately, the complete viscoelastic stiffness tensor.The SOFTWARE and the DATA form two prongs of a complete solution. Companies are empowered to quickly and cost effectively implement effective nonlinear polymer simulation, accommodating time, rate, temperature, pressure and large strain effects on plastics and rubbers.

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