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Dynardo is a premium software and consultancy company for CAE-based robustness evaluation, reliability analysis and robust design optimization. Dynardo's...

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Company address: Steubenstaße 25 99423 WEIMAR , DEU

Website: http://www.dynardo.de/

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Dynardo is a premium software and consultancy company for CAE-based robustness evaluation, reliability analysis and robust design optimization. Dynardo's headquarters is situated in Weimar, Germany. We develop algorithms and graphical user interfaces, perform consulting and computation services and offer support as well as educational seminars on these topics. We strongly emphasize individual, customized solutions and high precision in performing these tasks for our customers.

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The Dynardo Extraction Toolkit (ETK) is able to process solver responses, which are given in binary and ASCII-form, mathematically and store them as well as derived values in simply structured ASCII-files. The selection of response data occurs homogenized and in context of the respective format or the used binary base and is aided by a graphical user interface. This includes the option of automatic creation and accommodation of optiSLang-files.

The intention of editing within the graphic user interface is the creation of a project-file which can be processed by the application without further user interaction in the course of analysis.

A wrapper library around the Abaqus-ODB-C++-API was created to abstract the interfaces of the different API versions, to make only use of POD types and strings in the wrapper interface and to simplify the build and integration process. The interface provides functionality to retrieve all information regarding field- and history output data in an ODB file.

ETK now can be used as a fully integrated module in optiSLang so that potentially all optiSLang users are able utilize the the component.

The customers note some important benefits:

  1. Ability to run ETK in a full non-interactive mode even on windows server free systems
  2. No scripting capabilities necessary
  3. Better extraction performance compared to Python scripting
  4. A tight and smooth binding to optiSLa 




Contact Information

Dynardo GmbH
Steubenstraße 25
99423 Weimar
Country: Germany
Website: www.dynardo.com
Contact: Yves Pausch
Email: yves.pausch@dynardo.de



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