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Techenware offer software tools and services for mechatronics systems software design. The company, founded in 2006, is based on experienced expertise in system engineering fields of graphical block programming for control, requirements traceability, distributed control software and systems. Techenware is the long time distributor, in Israel, of Quanser academic solutions, Dassault Systems (3DS) Geensoft, 3DS Delmia and Dymola line of products for Embedded Automation and system engineering, and software solution for high-performance database and distribution. Techenware provides services for developed and implementation of embedded control, Automation, Robotics and UASs in Research and Industry, using functional block languages with emphasis on systems engineering.
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Designed to be scalable across all Dassault Systèmes software, the PLM Partners Program offers a global, flexible framework to support the growth of our partners' businesses while providing key tools (sales, marketing, technical support and communication) to strengthen their PLM skills.

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