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SOFTEAM Cadextan is the leading technology service provider in France for the financial services industry, ranked Number 1 by the Tier 1 investment banks and asset managers. We have more than 500 professionals and 15 years of experience in the sector.

Our professionals combine technology expertise with deep-industry knowledge to provide high-level IT services: business consulting, systems integration, PMO, application design and development, application management services, application testing services.

These services are offered through our Staff Augmentation and Managed Services engagement models. More than 40% of our business is conducted through the Managed Services model, currently with 30 teams involving more than 200 people.

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Systems Integrator Alliance Agreement Master (SIA)

Value Proposition

  • SOFTEAM Cadextan is an expert in Finance and NoSQL/Search solutions to engage the Big Data market. Exalead is one of our leading search platforms.


  • SOFTEAM Cadextan is the Leader in French Financial Services and is developing Big Data solutions that rely on search based architectures with DS Exalead.


  • SOFTEAM Cadextan has an expertise in optimization and planner (CPLEX algorithms). SOFTEAM Cadextan is working with DS Quintiq product to build complex optimized planning solutions.

As a company founded by software engineers, we have never forgotten the importance of our people and their career growth. We pride ourselves on the strength and multitude of our employee training and internal communities.

The SOFTEAM Cadextan University offers various professional development programs:

  • Finance: Market Finance, Securities, Cash Management, Risk Management
  • Technology: C++, Java, .NET, Modelio, Web and Mobile Technology
  • Project Management and Methodology: PMI Project Management, Agile Methodology
  • English Language: Leading Conference Calls, English for Project Management, TOEIC certification, Level Booster, etcVaccari


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