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As a highly capable equipment manufacturer focused on the development of unique technologies, Toray Engineering provides "E & E (Engineering & Electronics) Solutions" in a broad spectrum of fields, ranging from large-scale plants to manufacturing / inspection equipment for semiconductors, FPDs, secondary batteries and solar panels. Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. develops and sells 3D TIMON®, a three-dimensional injection molding CAE system that allows manufacturers to simulate the behavior of resins in molds.

Since its establishment in 1960, Toray Engineering has received an outstanding reputation and trust from domestic and overseas customers by providing optimal technologies and services to meet their diverse needs in a wide variety of business fields while working on the construction of manufacturing facilities of Toray Industries.  

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3D TIMON® supports the prediction of problems and the prior verification of processes relating to the development and production of plastic products, including automotive parts, home electrical appliances, IT-related components and optical parts. Benefits include shorter development and prototype manufacturing times, quicker production start-ups, lower costs and improved quality.

In order to achieve greater efficiency of analytical work through collaboration seamlessly with "3D TIMON" and "CATIA", which was a strong demand from automotive customers, we entered into a development partnership agreement with Dassault Systemes. Under this agreement, Toray Engineering has developed and released an interface module, TIMON for CATIA V5 (TFC), which links "3D TIMON" and "CATIA" and enables "3D TIMON" to operate in "CATIA V5" environment. 

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