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Thornton Tomasetti is a global engineering firm offering a range of services including structural engineering and design, investigation and advanced...

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Company address: 399 W EL CAMINO REAL STE 200 94040-2680 Mountain View Santa Clara CA, USA

Website: http://www.wai.com/

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Thornton Tomasetti is a global engineering firm offering a range of services including structural engineering and design, investigation and advanced analysis to clients in the public and private sectors. At the Weidlinger Applied Science practice, which has been an integral part of Thornton Tomasetti since its merger with Weidlinger Associates, Inc. in 2015, engineers develop and maintain advanced physics-based computational tools with specific focus on large-scale industrial problems. Thornton Tomasetti employs about 1200 people across the globe and is headquartered in New York city. 

Thornton Tomasetti provides engineering design, investigation and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and level of complexity. We are a 100% employee-held organization of 1,200 engineers, architects, sustainability practitioners and support professionals collaborating from offices across North America and in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We focus on providing a diverse suite of integrated services and leading innovation in our industry to ensure the continued success of our clients.

Within our practices, The Weidlinger Applied Science practice leverages a unique combination of technologies and expertise to engineer practical solutions to problems of national and international importance. We apply expertise in solid and fluid dynamics, materials science, acoustics, risk assessments and computational simulation methods to solve complex problems. We perform research, mathematical modeling, software development and design to manage risks to life safety in military platforms and installations, ships and submarines, critical infrastructure, tall buildings, public facilities, industrial and petrochemical plants, and automotive and airborne vehicles. Military, government, corporate and academic clients value the validation of Weidlinger Applied Science’s software and the critical insights gained from correlating analysis with testing.

Our 65-year record of success is driven by the sustained focus of our uniquely qualified and experienced staff of engineers and scientists.



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The WAImat Suite www.thorntontomasetti.com was developed to facilitate efficient, high-fidelity advanced material modeling for industrial applications. Resulting from a multi-year Office of Naval Research sponsored research into ductile metals fracture and thermo-mechanical response of metals under dynamic heating regimes, the constitutive damage models developed represent the state of the art in material damage modeling for large-scale shell structures. Comprised of three Abaqus-compatible software modules: WAIdam provides a reliable and efficient fracture-prediction constitutive model for large-scale shell structures whose modeling would be impractical using conventional approaches based on 3D continua WAIfire provides an advanced thermomechanical constitutive model to simulate the behavior of metallic structures exposed to fires, elevated temperatures or other dynamic thermo-mechanical loads. WAImc2 is a framework for calibrating advanced constitutive models to experimental test data, for organizing and data-basing material test and model data, and for performing Uncertainty Quantification, statistical analysis and goodness-of-fit analyses on the data.http://www.thorntontomasetti.com/https://www.researchgate.net/publication/256802337_Modeling_fracture_in_large_scale_shell_structureshttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/259287841_Simulations_of_ductile_fracture_in_an_idealized_ship_grounding_scenario_using_phenomenological_damage_and_cohesive_zone_models

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