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Innovation, reliability, and time-to-market remain the biggest challenges to product development. Comet’s simulation automation technology allows our customers to “Democratize Simulation” across global product development teams. This significantly advances product quality and innovation, while accelerating development cycles. Comet’s SimApps™ empower all engineers in the organization, not just CAE experts, to perform complex simulations efficiently, safely and accurately.  

With Comet’s Template Authoring Workspace, experts develop automation templates rapidly, with minimal scripting – complex templates are developed in days, rather than in months or more. These templates are driven by the non-experts from simple web-deployed interfaces. Customers have seen average efficiency gains above 90% and significant reduction in manual errors. 

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Value Proposition

  • Comet Solutions builds industry and solution-focused applications – SimApps™ – that can be deployed on a customer’s desktop or through a web browser. By embedding expert knowledge and methods, but removing the complexity of general purpose CAE tools, SimApps™ make design-driven simulation suitable for use by everyone from CAE experts to design engineers.
  • Comet is a template authoring workspace for the rapid, graphical development of simulation automation templates. We have an adaptor to Abaqus and also have customers using Isight to drive Comet simulation templates. 
  • Customers have gained significant ROI using Comet’s SimApps:
    • Realize 80-95% efficiency gains in model setup and reporting
    • Perform 10-100x the number of simulations you perform today
    • Leverage all engineering resources much better – people, tools, hardware
    • Enforce simulation best practices and simulation data consistency, globally
    • Perform automated Design Space Exploration, early in the process
  • Here are some links to online materials on the topics of the Democratization of Simulation:


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