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Dieselstrasse 33 38446 WOLFSBURG

Phone : (049)05361 893830
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Company Description

MVI PROPLANT is an engineering and consulting company with a specialization in production and logistics. With around 330 employees, we have been planning and optimizing factories and production processes for more than two decades - worldwide. Our customers include well-known companies in the automotive industry.

We stand for integrated system engineering within the MVI Group. We develop and implement holistic production and logistics and software solutions for the mobility industry that equally consider the product, the manufacturing processes and the quality requirements.

Our business fields are:

  • Factory and production planning
  • Manufacturing resource development
  • Production information systems
Software Partnership

CAA Adopter

Value Proposition

The development partnership between Dassault Systèmes and MVI PROPLANT is the successor of the long term partnership between Dassault Systémes and MVI SOLVE-IT. The software “MVI VDA/FS Interface CAA V5 based”, based on the partnership, supports the integration of CATIA V5 with other CAx-Systems and downstream applications in all engineering processes of product creation by implementing the standardized data exchange format VDA/FS 2.0.

The software allows bidirectional data exchange between CATIA V5 and other systems, e.g. outside the Dassault Systèmes family, either in an interactive mode or in a batch processing mode, with high stability and robustness.

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