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TDCi has many years of experience working on the Enovia VPM and CATIA systems from Dassault Systemes. In particular, it has carried out numerous projects for UK defence contractors, including the implementation of multi-site operation within VPM. TDCi has skills in CAD system administration, UNIX operating system management, VPM and ENOVIA customer support.

TDCi has its own products for the CATIA market place. PrescientQA manages, analyses and controls the quality of information in the engineering environment and provides a tool to ensure conformity within the Supply Chain. PQA is sold mainly through reseller companies in France, USA, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK, Portugal, Korea, China, Japan and Russia.

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Value Proposition

PrescientQA is one of the leading CAD/CAE/PLM quality tools used in the demanding aerospace and automotive sectors. As more and more design work is undertaken digitally and by external development partners it is essential that quality standards/methodologies are applied consistently throughout the design process and the extended enterprise. Modeling practices that are incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent, typically account for 45% of change orders in an organization.

PrescientQA for CATIA V5 addresses these challenges and helps companies to

  • identify problems early in the design process, which substantially reduces product development cycle time, rework and cost.
  • ensure consistency and conformance to the company's standards and best practices.
  • enhance data interoperability throughout downstream applications and the manufacturing supply chain.
  • ensure "clean" legacy design data.
  • enable high-level management overview of data including distribution of quality and financial impact.

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