Dassault Systèmes leads a 8 partners consortium:  industrial case-study owners (EDF, ENGIE, CEA Tech, Inria) scientific institute and 3 SMEs

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Dassault Systemes (project leader) purpose in ModeliScale is threefold:

  • innovate in Modelica capabilities for large scale systems Modeling and Simulation
  • implement in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA  & Dymola
  • exploit the technology developed in both Energy domain, and others such as Aerospace, Transportation, and Cities

For this, 3DS will mainly focus on scientific innovation and prototyping with Inria, and will evaluate the outcomes through multiple industrial case studies.

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Our "raison d’être" is to build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development.

Wherever our Group operates, we want to invent a new energy model to address the climate crisis: lower-carbon, more efficient, less of an impact on the environment and on people.

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Engie is a major french energy industrial group. Cylergie is an Engie lab dedicated to support the energy services business units inside Engie group. Its priority research areas are :

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Energy management
  • Metrology and remote systems
  • Renewable energy and the new energy technologies
  • Air quality and health

In particular, Cylergie has developed a thorough understanding about district heating and cooling systems. This has been made possible because Engie operates more than 130 district heating and cooling networks in France. That is why Cylergie participates in this project, by proposing an existing district heating system to study as a large scale system for modeling.

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A major player in research, development and innovation, the CEA (19,925 employees) is active in major sectors such as defense and national security, nuclear and renewable energies, biotechnological and medical research, and technological research for industry. The CEA's LITEN institute (1000 employees), dedicated to renewable energy technologies, their storage and energy efficiency, is leading INES' research, development and innovation activities since its creation in 2005. INES, Institut National de l'Energie Solaire, is a world leader in R&D, expertise and training for advanced photovoltaic solar technologies, their integration into electrical systems and intelligent energy management.


ModeliScale is an opportunity to set up a simulation platform able to study interactions and complementarities between electrical networks, district heating networks and buildings. The modeling of the micro grid is based on the INES area. To carry out this task, the CEA assist Eurobios and DPS in the development of new Modelica libraries.

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Inria, the French national research institute for digital science and technology, has been promoting innovation in collaboration with the industry for over 50 years. The involved research centers in Paris, Rennes and Grenoble specialize, among others, in the design and implementation of synchronous languages, and in the theoretical study, modeling and simulation of differential-algebraic equation systems and non-smooth dynamical systems.

Their works in ModeliScale project aim at providing methods for modeling cyber-physical systems using the full range of multimode/hybrid modeling, as well as novel algorithms for generating efficient simulation code from such large generalized multimode systems.

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DIGITAL PRODUCT SIMULATION is a consulting and software company specialized in digital engineering.

Our role in ModeliScale project was to develop two Modelica libraries using Dymola. They model and simulate energy micro grids, and district heating networks:

  • Compile and execute large scale models
  • Handle multi-mode
  • Enable a proper initialization of these models

All models are validated through tests and demonstrators, built with our industrial partners.

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Eurobios is a SME specialized in physical modeling, statistical modeling and Machine Learning, simulation and optimization. 


ModeliScale is an opportunity to enrich its expertise with a new domain, building energy simulation, with possibly new customers. Our main work is on a Modelica library for the thermal behavior of an office building, with support of CEA-INES.


Also we evaluate simulation of multi-mode systems (ISAM-DAE by Inria) and of FMU models (DACCOSIM NG).

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PHIMECA Engineering is an engineering company specialized in evaluating and optimizing the performance of products and systems.

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