Project deliverables

Discover some project deliverables developed with CATIA Dymola and 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Project final review

ModeliScale partners presented their results in the final review that was held at Dassault Systemes Vélizy Campus, 1st October 2021.

The major points has been discussed :

  • What were the challenges ?
  • What are the results?
  • What are the impacts ?
  • What are the perspectives ?

Hereafter a few pages extracted for the review (in French) 

EDF Power Grid report

EDF studied the Modeling and Simulation capabilities through the case of Innovel Parc of Vélizy city (Ile de France).

Hereafter an extract of the final report: needs, technical work and results, benefits and perspectives.

CEA Ines micro-grid modeling

The CEA aims to study the interactions and connections between district heat networks, electricity networks and the building stock. The increase in the share of renewable energy in the energy mix is leading to new energy management issues. In order to make the most of production, the intermittency of renewable energies must be managed by interconnected and smart energy networks and buildings.

The objective is here to model a simulation platform that allows the integration of the three systems at the micro-grid scale. Moreover, this modelling must be able to take into account very different time dynamics. Indeed, the dynamics of the electrical network are much more rapid than those of the thermal networks and buildings. In this context, the architecture of the INES site is taken as a reference for the modelling of the microgrid (figure).

The experimental platform takes place in the Le Bourget du Lac in the French Alps.

Electrical & Heat network Modelica libraries

DPS has developed two specific Modelica libraries, with models of components for :

  • energetic micro grids: components for production, consumption, transfer and storage of electricity; with demonstration of the site of INES (Alps) in France
  • district heating networks: components of boiler rooms and substations, demonstrated in the networks of the cities of Balma (Toulouse) and Rillieux-la-Pape (Lyon), in France.

City Heat Network modeling and simulation

This video illustrates one achievement applied to an industrial use case provided by ENGIE Cylergie. The scenario (update of a heat network in southern France city) shows the value of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, showcasing a large variety of solutions in an integrated way, with an emphasis on the behavior modeling and simulation. This work has been jointly done by DPS and DS with the expertise of ENGIE Cylergie.

Building thermal modeling

Eurobios has developed a Modelica library that allows simulation of the thermal behavior of an office building at the INES research center in France. Several elementary models have been written (different types of walls and floors, air handling unit, heating controllers), and assembled inside nested hierarchical models: storey, building structure, building with HVAC elements.

The purpose is to compute the building’s energy consumption using the local weather conditions and temperature control settings. Dymola is used to build the model, export to FMU for co-simulation in DACCOSIM or any FMI compliant simulation tool.

The main challenge was to have components to resemble to the physical building, and to set the numerous model parameters.

The result is a complete model of the building and its power systems (floor heating, heat pump, air heating/cooling), which is able to run simulations over long periods (one year or more). This work was carried out by Eurobios with the expertise of CEA-INES

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Dassault Systèmes leads a 8 partners consortium:  industrial case-study owners (EDF, ENGIE, CEA Tech, Inria) scientific institute and 3 SMEs
Market Perspectives
ModeliScale participants will benefit from more productivity and efficiency in the design and operation of energy systems, power grids, and infrastructures.
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