Market Perspectives

ModeliScale participants will benefit from more productivity and efficiency in the design and operation of energy systems, power grids, and infrastructures.

Several perspectives can be seen for the industrial participants:

EDF being 1st in the field of electrical energy provider, will benefit from the results to make better design, simulation and operation of large construction sites in France and through export contracts.

ENGIE Cylergie will increase knowledge, and bring competitive advantage for the heat network exploitation teams.

CEA Tech will raise knowledge in the field of energy systems, to propose technological solutions towards the industrial actors. CEA will improve its offers on tolls and methods to handle complex energy systems , including the thermal and electrical domains.

For the digital actors:

  • Engineering software editor and Engineering actors will benefit from the evolution of market for systems modeling and simulation (apps, modeler/solvers, simulation platform, libraries), that will raise and diverse the offer of services and training.

Technology eco system will benefit through:

  • The French Modelica eco system will be reinforced via evolution of the 2 open standards :  Modelica language (to handle multi modes, and reconfiguration, to improve numerical integration techniques, and to perform proper initialization), FMI standard (for the support of large scale co-simulation).
  • Contribution to the standards will be shared within the European Modelica Association
  • Dassault Systemes will enhance CATIA systems offer with the capability to model and simulate ModSim large scale energy systems, including multi modes (switches, long term piloting). This will support energy providing systems of various type (Electrical, Solar, Heat networks, etc.) and their control in Grids.
  • Dassault Systemes will also replicate the innovation proposal to others industries such as AeroSpace for complex multi physics systems, Transportation for infrastructure, transportation systems and the related energy provider, Buildings for multi physics modeling in energy efficiency objectives and Cities in a system of systems view (resources, building, mobility etc.).
  • EDF will enhance the DACCOSIM NG co simulation platform for systems
  • Phimeca will develop new skills in modeling with Modelica and statistical analysis of FMUs, to propose services of predictive maintenance based on Modelica models.

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