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More information on ModeliScale partners in the area of multi-physics modelling and simulation

About EDF

About DPS

DPS offers customers innovative services and solutions for their design, digital simulation and PLM integration projects. DPS helps manufacturers optimize the design of their products by strengthening the digital continuity of their development.

About Eurobios

Eurobios' expertise covers physics (computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, etc.), engineering (automotive industry, energy production and transport, waste sorting, etc.), Scientific computing and complex systems (waste collection, optimization of industrial systems design, human organizations, etc.).

About Phimeca


Dassault Systèmes offers CATIA solutions to shape the world we live in. Among the multiple and various CATIA domains (construction, design & style, engineering), CATIA systems engineering solutions bring the mastering of the cross-discipline systems development process

Energy & Materials - Industry Solution Experience


Dassault Systèmes’ purpose driven solutions can be put at the service of the Energy & Materials Industry to address industry-specific processes, empower collaboration and sustainable innovation. Find out more about E&M Solutions here.




CATIA Collaborative Projets Senior Manager

​​​​​​Dassault Systemes SE, 10 rue Marcel Dassault, CS 40501, 78946 Vélizy-Villacoublay Cedex, FRANCE

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ModeliScale collaborative project brings Modelica to handle large Scale Cyber Physical Systems for the Energy industries in CATIA apps
Dassault Systèmes leads a 8 partners consortium:  industrial case-study owners (EDF, ENGIE, CEA Tech, Inria) scientific institute and 3 SMEs
Market Perspectives
ModeliScale participants will benefit from more productivity and efficiency in the design and operation of energy systems, power grids, and infrastructures.