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Some news in ModeliScale around multi-physics modelling for energy systems and others

News: ModeliScale in Dassault Systemes Corporate Report ‘Cities take shape’

We are proud to announce our ModeliScale collaborative project is mentioned in the ‘Cities take shape’ chapter of our 2020 Corporate Report ; see Infrastructure & Cities challenges.

The Corporate Report also gives you additional information about Dassault Systemes.

Infrastructure & Cities challenges

Two thirds of humanity will be living in cities in 2050, so urban settings will be the focal point for most creation, both imaginative and practical.

Event: 2021 Modelica Conference

ModeliScale partners will participate the 14th Modelica Conference (Sep 2021), where they expect to make several presentations of ModeliScale.

Article: “Mathematical Foundations of Physical Systems Modeling Languages”

The article “Mathematical Foundations of Physical Systems Modeling Languages”, co-authored by Albert Benveniste, Benoît Caillaud and Mathias Malandain from the Hycomes team at INRIA Rennes, has been accepted by the IFAC journal Annual Reviews in Control. The author version was made available in August 2020.

A comprehensive mathematical approach supporting compilation and code generation for DAE-based modeling languages is proposed. In particular, sound criteria for accepting or rejecting multimode models are given as byproducts of this analysis. The mathematical development relies on nonstandard analysis, providing a uniform framework for handling both continuous dynamics and mode change events.

Article: Robust Calibration of Complex ThermoSysPro Models using Data Assimilation Techniques : Application on the Secondary Loop of a Pressurized Water Reactor

L.Corona Mesa-Moles, J.P.Argaud, A.Jardin, A.Benssy, Y.Dong - EDF

Modelica Conference 2019 proceedings Linköping University Electronic Press

User Presentation "Modeling and simulating hybrd distribution networks with EPSL"

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