Virtual twins for Manufacturing industries

Producing better, more sustainable product.

Virtual twin Manufacturing Dassault Systèmes

Improving products sustainably

Manufacturing industries are accelerating sustainable innovation initiatives, ranging from defining the future of mobility to developing packaging that is less reliant on plastic.

Improving products used in everyday life – and the equipment that produces those goods – creates significant demand for data-driven and model-based solutions that can simulate and evaluate impacts prior to production.

A virtual twin does just that: establishes a digital model of a product that can be tested ad infinitum on a computer and fed back data from a deployed product for a constant cycle of improvement. And critical to our global well-being, virtual twins hold great potential to reduce the carbon footprint.

Virtual Twin use cases for Manufacturing

Virtual vehicle innovation showroom

Learn how the digital twin can accelerate the development of your sustainable vehicle.

Designing Impactful Innovation

Discover the power of the Cloud & play with E-way Rescue Roadster prototype in 3D!

Achieving Sustainability with Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing has become critical in securing a competitive advantage. Discover what’s in it for manufacturers and how they can shift to this manufacturing technique seamlessly.

Beyond Digital Twin

Small and medium-sized manufacturers enjoy big-enterprise benefits and ROI with Virtual Twin Experience on the cloud.

Virtual Twin Experiences on the Cloud

Instantly gather valuable insight into the real-world performance of products and processes to improve operational resiliency, reduce costs and gaining in competitive advantage with cloud based manufacturing solutions.

Committed for the United nations SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS

the United Nations Sustainable development goals are the worldwide guidelines to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Virtual Twin Experiences for Manufacturing Industries, powered by Dassault Systemes, is focusing on spurring economic growth and tackling climate change through Goal 9 and 12.

These goals drive long-term regulations to instill positive change, reduce resource consumption, and reach net-zero carbon emissions.

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