The World Needs Manufacturers

Manufacturers make the world. But the world is rapidly changing. Understanding how best to embrace these changes is crucial to driving innovation and growth over the next decade.


15 industrial trends shaping the planet’s 2030 game plan

Manufacturing is at a tipping point. The ongoing impact of geopolitical tensions and the growing demands of customers, regulators, and the planet place unprecedented pressure on business ecosystems everywhere. At the same time, the rise of the smart factory, digital manufacturing, and the emergence of new manufacturing technologies and materials offer a host of exciting opportunities for manufacturing industries to rethink their operations, to address these challenges.


What is the most important thing in manufacturing today and how much could it change over the next decade?


In our Manufacturing Industries Trends Guide, we break down some of the most pressing trends in the manufacturing landscape, see where they are coming from, explain what they mean for business transformation, and outline steps you can take to prepare for the future.

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The world of manufacturing is at an inflection point, and stakeholders need to sit up and take notice. In the following films, we sit down with leading industry experts to get to grips with the defining characteristics of this dynamic moment in history. Together, we discuss the key trends driving business transformation and digitalization, the technology and solutions enabling adaptation, and what businesses need to do to embrace these opportunities.

Armed with this information, businesses can transform with confidence. They can better pursue sustainability, or even circularity. They can move from product selling to experience selling. They can manage and modify their supply networks to drive real value and resilience. In short, they can become businesses that flourish in revolutionary times.

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Executive Vice President, Industry, Marketing and Sustainability, Dassault Systèmes

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