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As the world evolves, so does the way we manufacture

While we are all locally unique, the world is also a global community experiencing the same ebbs and flows of manufacturing challenges, and sometimes, full halts to how we conduct business.
As we look for new approaches, materials, and even new business models, it’s a global connection that binds us together to sustain and evolve the way we manufacture.

Key Manufacturing Strategies That Deliver Future-Proofed Operations

Reactive changes aren’t enough anymore. Learn why strategic flexibility is key to gaining lasting success despite uncertainties in the manufacturing world

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Transform the way we work, produce and deliver

In the Age of Experience, manufacturing has expanded from between four walls into a global value network. Digitalization and automation allow businesses to mirror their manufacturing value stream with a virtual one, experiencing and creating new concepts and ideas in no time. Disrupters are creating new sustainable experiences for a new type of customers.

Digitalization is transforming manufacturing – enabling industries to be operationally efficient and become future-proof by creating more customer-centric, agile and sustainable businesses. New and current solutions go beyond digitalization to provide both a system of operations (to run a business) and a business model (to transform a business) for the future of manufacturing.

Industry Trends – What’s possible despite global challenges?

Whether it’s a specific need or mix of challenges, the unique solutions available to all manufacturers today are designed to achieve optimum performance and business results.

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Operational Optimization

Optimize your manufacturing operations and make them resilient for future challenges.
With predictive analytics you can make the best decisions to deliver unique customer experiences while increasing safety and sustainability and reducing waste of material, time and energy.

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Connected Industry

In this connected Industry Renaissance, we can connect the real and the virtual world.
With virtual twins and big data analytics companies get valuable insights (in their full supply chain) enabling then to be resilient and quickly adapt to changing circumstances, while still achieving their KPIs.

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Manufacturing Workforce

The future is human.
Tomorrow’s game changers will be those companies that empower their people with the best tools and solutions to innovate, collaborate and excel.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is not an option anymore for modern manufacturers.
How can you move towards a more circular model that is lean and harmonizes product, nature and life?

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Future-Proof Systems

The demand for more speed, more flexibility, personalization and better performance is a given for manufacturers these days.
Additive manufacturing and distributed manufacturing can make it happen and help you become resilient.

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To manage end-to end development from design to manufacturing between our different sites, we adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which will allow us to rapidly develop and deliver tailored solutions to market.

Massimo Crozzoli > Chief Information Officer > Maschio Gaspardo
Massimo Crozzoli
Chief Information Officer, Maschio Gaspardo

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