The virtual twin of Manufacturing Industries

How digital twin technology can help manufacturers transform?



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Bring Learnings and Experiences from The Real World

The manufacturing industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift driven by new technologies, as well as the drive to lower operating costs and minimize disruptions.

A virtual twin is key to facilitate successful transformation to flexible, agile and cost-effective manufacturing operations.

Real life data combined with data-driven and model-based solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enable manufacturers evaluate risks, simulate and evaluate impacts before manufacturing products and services or deploying processes.

Benefits of the virtual twin experience for Manufacturing industries


Accelerate sustainable innovation and excellence


Support creation of value network


Empower the workforce of the future.

Virtual vehicle innovation showroom

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Designing Impactful Innovation

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Beyond Digital Twin

Small and medium-sized manufacturers enjoy big-enterprise benefits and ROI with Virtual Twin Experience on the cloud.

Virtual Twin on the Cloud: 2020 State of Art

With the support of, we ran a survey to see where we are in terms of use cases of Virtual Twin by the engineering ecosystem.

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