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AGCO Improves Visibility, Efficiency and Control with DELMIA part of Ready to Make. Watch the video below !

The Challenge

Existing factories, unsurprisingly, had grown and evolved over decades of producing tractors and agricultural equipment using a mélange of equipment and facilities. AGCO decided to make a bold move and start anew with today’s technologies in their new facilities – so as to not be encumbered by past limitations. The goal was to create a stateof-the-art facility supporting a Lean and productive workplace capable of carrying AGCO into the future. 

Dassault Systèmes Response

This video below and the flyer shows how AGCO, a world leader in agricultural machinery, has used the DELMIA Apriso Ready to Make solution to achieve new levels of visibility into all operations. 


  • Material synchronization reduced inventory while increasing production throughput
  • Operations are tracked throughout the production process leading to a more balanced workload
  • Working with a Lean manufacturing approach in mind and using and the latest technology allows for a highly flexible production environment